Here comes the report card of Yushan and Shangrao Economic D

On March 1, Yushan County, Shangrao High Speed Railway Economic Experimental Zone and Shangrao economic and Technological Development Zone successively accepted the inspection of the city's economic and social development and Party Construction in 2019.

As the east gate of Jiangxi and the bridgehead of opening up and cooperation with the outside world, how does Yushan County adhere to opening up and development to the East, and explore a new path of high-quality leapfrog development of county economy under the new situation? Shangrao high speed railway economic pilot zone is a new growth pole of high-quality leapfrog development in Shangrao. The new economy represented by big data industry has played a positive role. How do they build a "gathering platform for digital economy"? As the "main battlefield" of Shangrao's industrial economy, Shangrao Economic Development Zone adheres to the concept of "project is king". What impressive achievements have it made in project introduction, project construction and service enterprises? With these questions, the members of the inspection team walked, looked and listened all the way, trying to find the answers.

The completed Yushan Sports Center, the international billiards Training Institute under construction, the world billiards Museum, the hall of fame and Sports Park... These are vivid portrayals of Yushan's promotion of the county's economic development through billiards, a "small ball".

Yushan international billiards culture center project is the core part of Yushan County's construction of "China's Billiards capital and the world's famous Billiards City". It is the landmark of Yushan. There are five world firsts in the project area: Yushan international billiards culture center is the world's first urban complex named after billiards elements; The world's first international billiards training college that specializes in training billiards professionals while taking into account academic education; The world's first billiards Museum and billiards hall of fame; The world's first professional competition venue focusing on billiards and giving consideration to national fitness.

In 2019, Yushan County will actively explore the high-quality leapfrog development path, adhere to the project as the king and high-quality industrial development; Adhere to the principle of opening up first and high quality regional cooperation; Adhere to the principle of "environment first" and overall planning of urban and rural areas with high quality; Adhere to people's livelihood, build and share high quality; Adhering to the work style as the foundation, strictly managing the party with high quality, promoting economic and social development and Party building, taking new steps and making new achievements: the county's GDP is 21.628 billion yuan, the total fiscal revenue is 2.827 billion yuan, the investment in fixed assets is increased by 10.5%, the added value of above designated industries is increased by 9.2%, and the per capita disposable income of urban residents is 34639 yuan, The per capita disposable income of rural residents is 16969 yuan, which has been rated as the province's comprehensive advanced county for scientific development and high-quality development evaluation for six consecutive years.

At the new retail experience Hall of ocean terminal, a consumer is having a real-time video with Ocean Terminal buyers far away in the United States through the touch screen, understanding the goods, placing orders online to buy the goods he likes, and experiencing the convenient and fast shopping mode of sweeping the world without going abroad.

The project is invested and constructed by "Ocean Terminal", China's first overseas shopping platform, with a total planning land of 120 mu and a total investment of 1 billion yuan. It will be constructed in two phases. It will build a cross-border e-commerce trade zone, gathering area, exhibition area, experience area, Ocean Terminal global headquarters and new retail headquarters base, with the main display line of commodities outside Shanghai, experience center and sales as one, Strive to achieve an annual tax of 50 million yuan.

China High Speed Rail economic test area in 2019 insisted on the guidance of Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, conscientiously implemented the strategic plan of "winning the all round well-off society and building the great Shangrao". It is a solid job to carry out the development goals of "new growth pole of the city level" according to the "digital economic agglomeration platform" and "the expansion platform for urban space" proposed by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, "the new economic growth platform in Shangrao". Development and innovation, construction and development to a new level: 58 fixed investment projects were implemented throughout the year, with an investment of 5.896 billion yuan; There are 1382 registered enterprises, including 37 enterprises under unified planning and 214 digital economy enterprises; Enterprises in the region achieved a total revenue of 7.55 billion yuan and a total tax of 240 million yuan.

Walking into the welding workshop of Aichi automobile super smart factory, I didn't remember the scene of busy shuttling of workers, but it seemed a little "cold": hundreds of robots replaced manual operation, three air handling lines replaced ground transportation, and operation screens replaced noisy walkie talkies, realizing 95% automation rate of the welding workshop.

The new energy vehicle project of Aichi Automobile Co., Ltd. has a total investment of 13.3 billion yuan. The main construction content is to form a production capacity of 300000 pure electric vehicles per year and a battery pack production line. The project was started in May 2017 and completed for trial production in February 2019. Now it is in mass production and has realized the global layout across Europe and Asia. At present, 312 patents have been obtained at home and abroad.

In 2019, Shangrao Economic Development Zone will adhere to the enterprise as the center and innovation as the driving force, make every effort to focus on key points, attack difficulties and promote highlights, firmly grasp the first priority of development, start projects, focus on investment and stabilize growth, and achieve new improvement in its comprehensive strength; Adhere to the development concept of "project is king", turn all work around the project and do all services around the project, and make new breakthroughs in project construction; Further strengthen factor guarantee, optimize business safety services, improve social security, and optimize the business environment; Efforts have been made to accelerate the integration of industry and city, accelerate the development of urban-rural integration, effectively fight three key battles, and make new progress in social and people's livelihood; Further consolidate party building, constantly consolidate the grass-roots foundation, comprehensively deepen the construction of Party style and clean government, continuously improve the work style of cadres, and strictly govern the party to form a new normal.

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