The billiards capital of China is taking shape day by day

The 2018 Snooker World open ended at sunset on December 12, while the venue of the event, Jiangxi Yushan and Chinese billiards, are moving towards a new starting point.

New opportunity: the new landmark of world billiards will be completed next year

Last September, the "Yushan international billiards cultural industry project", which can be called a new landmark of the world billiards movement, held a foundation laying ceremony in Yushan.

The project consists of "international billiards culture city", "star billiards Industrial Park" and "China billiards e-commerce Industrial Park". In the world's first "international billiards culture city", the comprehensive gymnasium dominated by top billiards events, billiards Museum and Hall of fame are the only one in the world.

Jason Ferguson, President of the World Snooker Association, who has visited Yushan for many times, believes that the construction of Yushan international billiards culture industry project is of great significance to the development of world billiards. It will not only bring billiards to a new level in China, but also usher in a new opportunity for the development of snooker in the world.

As one of the leaders of the project, Gan Jialing, general manager of Beijing xingpai Weiye sporting goods Co., Ltd., is undoubtedly full of pride. He said that in participating in the construction of this project, xingpai adheres to the consistent principle: either don't do it, do the best if you want to do it. Yushan international billiards Culture Industrial Park will present the world's most professional, comprehensive and top billiards culture exchange center in the largest scale; Interpret the most advanced and humanized design concept with the best designers; With the best construction team to ensure the highest quality construction quality, and with high-tech support to bring the most pleasant competition and viewing experience.

During his study in the UK, ganjialing visited Sheffield, known as the "snooker Holy Land" several times. The krusburg theatre, which has hosted the world championships for more than 40 years, is naturally the focus of his "investigation". He said that Sheffield's becoming a world famous Billiards City stems from the accumulation of history and carries a feeling.

As a young manager, Gan Jialing also made no secret of his "ambition". He said: "although Yushan international billiards culture city cannot replace Sheffield as a world famous Billiards City in a short period of time, everything has a start, and we will make up for the lack of time with space for development. The 2019 Snooker World Open will be held in Yushan international billiards culture city, which will be completed next year. I believe that it will also be the beginning of the eastward shift of the focus and focus of the world billiards movement. "

New challenge: how to carry forward "big culture" in billiards culture city

After a short period of "pride" and "imagination", what ganjialing feels most is pressure and responsibility.

"Many titles of 'world first' can only prove that we are one step ahead in conception and construction, but what really needs to be tested is its quality after completion." Gan Jialing said, "this' quality 'lies not only in whether the design concept is perfectly reflected and whether the hardware such as architecture and supporting facilities can meet the expectations, but also in its cultural connotation of the inheritance and development of billiards, the quality training and personality shaping of participants."

In terms of the hosting and promotion of the event, xingpai group, as the first brand in the international billiards industry, has rich experience, but the billiards comprehensive gymnasium, billiards Museum and Hall of fame are the first in the world, there is no precedent to follow, and in operation, it can only "touch the stone to cross the river".

Gan Jialing said that when the project was signed, the collection of billiards museum had begun. At that time, there will be images of classic events, legends of historical figures and various kinds of objects to explain the past and present life of billiards to visitors. In the "Hall of fame", the audience will have the opportunity to pay tribute to those superstars who have made outstanding contributions to the development of billiards, feel their brilliance in different periods from familiar or unfamiliar faces, and taste various peak moments of snooker.

On August 5, sun Jusheng, vice governor of Jiangxi Province, investigated the international billiards cultural industry project in Yushan and listened to the report on the development of billiards cultural industry and project construction. Photo provided by the organizer

He said that from the inheritance and development of the sport to the requirements for the details of participants, they all belong to the category of "billiards culture". However, to build an international billiards culture city, Yushan County Government and xingpai group focus not only on the dissemination of billiards culture itself, but also on promoting Chinese traditional culture to the world through world-renowned classic events.

Whether it is the float parade with strong Chinese national style at the opening ceremony of the Chinese billiards World Championships or the red carpet ceremony of the snooker world open on the ancient streets of more than 1000 years, it has become a cultural link between ancient and modern, East and West.

During the snooker world open, the organizers will carry out public welfare activities such as "billiards into the campus" and "love welfare home" every year to convey the charity and filial piety culture of the Chinese nation

With the construction of the world's first international billiards culture city and the implantation of Chinese traditional culture, this "aristocratic sport", which was once popular in the west, has been more and more deeply branded with China.

New image: "billiards capital of China" is taking shape day by day

In 2015, when Yushan County Government signed a contract with xingpai to build an "international billiards cultural industry project", it was also the first year of the Chinese billiards World Championships.

Now, the four Chinese billiards World Championships and the three Snooker World Open have completely activated Yushan's sports gene and billiards gene. According to the data, at present, the population of Yushan who often participates in sports and fitness exercise is as high as 206000, accounting for 33.2% of the population.

Billiards is also becoming the first local sport. According to statistics, at present, Yushan not only has billiards associations, but also has more than 200 juvenile billiards training bases, billiards clubs and billiards rooms (points), and more than 5000 club members often participate in billiards. Among the more than 100 primary and secondary schools in the county, 80% have billiards activity centers, and more than 9000 primary and secondary students can play billiards.

Before the opening ceremony of the 2018 Snooker World open, sun Jusheng, vice governor of Jiangxi Province, highly affirmed the development idea of building "China's Billiards capital" and "world famous Billiards City" in Yushan with billiards as the symbol, industry as the carrier and culture as the connotation.

The completion of the international billiards cultural industry project will form a virtuous circle in Yushan where culture drives industrial support, industry promotes economic development and economy feeds back cultural development. It is estimated that by the end of the 13th Five Year Plan period, the total value of the sports industry led by billiards in Yushan will account for 5% of the county's GDP.

The slock world open, which ended on the 12th, will be held in Yushan for four consecutive years since last year. With the continuous Chinese billiards World Championships held in Yushan since 2015, Yushan has become a city that holds two world-class billiards events every year like Beijing and Shanghai.

Jiangxi Yushan, once known as "doctor's county", is becoming familiar with the world with its new image of "China's Billiards capital".

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